Month: July 2014

Oatmeal is heavenly (in my world).

I try to find the glory of God in everything. I don’t always succeed, even if His glory is staring me in the face. It is hard to be grateful for something bland and basic as oatmeal unless you are very hungry. My breakfast was oatmeal. Just a dab of margarine, a sprinkle of sugar, and oatmeal. Almost perfect on my doctor-generated diet for kidney stones and other issues, but bland after the thirtieth time.

Over time, with some basic but creative stirring, I came to love oatmeal. And finally, I started to see God’s glory in a complex grain, every bit of which can be eaten. Oatmeal bran in used in almost any “whole grain” food you buy. Oatmeal comes in several forms, including mill rolled, steel cut, Irish, Scottish, and the most popular, instant, quick, and old-fashioned, depending on the amount of processing before the grain is cooked. Enough history–let’s get to some stir-ins!

STIR IN FRUIT. I add raisins, chopped apple, chopped canned fruit like peaches, pears, even fruit cocktail, sliced banana, and if you are not afraid of the baby aisle in the grocery store, puréed apricots, mango, mixed fruit, or bananas.

STIR IN BUTTER. Real dairy butter is what I am supposed to eat instead of margarine, although in small portions. I usually take a cold stick of butter and slice it into pats, as thin as I can. Other butters are better blend-ins for oatmeal if they are room temp. I like peanut butter, cashew butter, almond butter, coconut butter (looks like shortening), and hazelnut butter.

STIR IN SUGAR. Regular sugar, brown sugar, Mexican cone sugar, cinnamon sugar, grated orange or lemon sugar. Honey, pancake syrup, molasses, blueberry or strawberry syrup. Artificial sugars and stevia have no calories worth counting, but all of the others have the same amount of calories per teaspoon. Glory in your oatmeal!