How Beautiful . . . Is a Christlike Daughter-in-Law, Or Two!

The Texas Martins
The Texas Martins: Back: Kenny, Kevin, Carrie; Front: Claire, Jewell, Kayla. 

  Note to Start:  I have TWO Christlike daughters-in-law, Tracey Dishroon Martin, and Carrie Samford Martin. In this post, I am only going to focus on Carrie.  Tracey will be featured another day.  They are both such blessings in our family, but sometimes you have to make a choice. 

  Carrie Samford Martin is our second daughter-in-law, married to Kevin Russell Martin, our younger son. She is the mother of our two youngest granddaughters, Claire Estelle Martin and Kayla Marie Martin, now ages 5 and 3, respectively.  

Carrie started out in our family at a disadvantage.  We already had the perfect dil, Tracey, who is married to our older son, Lewis.  Tracey added so much fun, energy, generosity, and love for Christ. How could Carrie measure up? It was just like parents who fear they won’t have enough love to give to a second child, when their whole hearts belong to the firstborn. We feared we could not love Carrie as much, or get as close to her, as we had Tracey.  Then, just like those fearful parents, when the new baby brings forth overwhelming love, as soon as we had spent a few hours with Carrie, we loved her like a daughter.

Another slight concern we had about Carrie was that she had been raised in a Pentecostal church, no Sunday School, and was not a leader yet in her church.  How would she fit in? She fit in like the jewels in a Swiss watch–perfectly. She and Kevin were soon working in several areas of responsibility in our evangelical church. She learned from us, and we learned from her. No, they are not required to worship with us–this is their calling, and we always encourage them to be open if are called somewhere else.

  When should a parent start praying for their children’s future spouses? We did as soon as we knew our babies were sons. We prayed for the boys that they would be good, loving Christian men, and that God would prepare good, kind Christian women for them, and He did.  On the other side, my husband and I have tried to be as good inlaws as we could be.  I stated my blog site would be about family, among other things, and I’m sure I will talk about family many times.  But for me, your family is only going to be as good as you allow it to be. Follow your faith, obey your vows, and love each other as much as possible.  Maybe you will add a Tracey or Carrie to your family tree. 

2 thoughts on “How Beautiful . . . Is a Christlike Daughter-in-Law, Or Two!

  1. Janice Wald, I am reading every email I get from you, but I have to admit, they are too technical and complex for me to grasp. Some acronyms puzzle me. I’m ready to try my blog again. Then maybe I will know what to ask. I appreciate your kind and generous offer to help me. I appreciate it and it gives me hope I may catch on to all this.


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