Stylish Napkin Storage from Trash

Taking a Velveeta lid, toilet paper rolls, and some decorative tape, this becomes a caddy to store paper napkins or other items.

    After seeing hundreds of ideas for using empty toilet paper rolls and other cardboard “trash”, and all kinds of crafts using Washi tape, I got the recycling upcycling bug.

Rotel-Velveeta Cheese Dip with Sausage is a once a year calorie-and-fat-filled treat nowadays. That makes the empty Velveeta boxes rarer but very useful. And with two bathrooms and the new sizes of toilet paper, we generate a lot of empty toilet paper rolls. I couldn’t stand tossing that many possible usable materials. Ready to up-cycle!

I priced Washi decorative tape, and Duck Duct tape, as well as 3M. Not the choice for me. At Walmart and Dollar General I found rolls of tape with the same square yards in cute patterns for $1 a roll, so I bought several. I spotted a package of cheap electrical tape with six different colored rolls for $1. Bingo!

The construction is very simple. I chose one of the wide tapes with a blue and red pattern on white. Although my first thought was to use a jumble of colors and patterns, I realized I preferred something coordinated. So I picked out the red and white electrical tapes, which were just as thin and flexible as the larger tape.

1. Wrap the cheese box and 4-6 toilet paper rolls with the tapes in the pattern of your choice. 

2. Place the tape so it goes a little above the top and bottom of the box and rolls. Then you can fold the tape over the edges for a smoother look. 

3. Arrange the rolls inside the box. If you have rolls that slightly flatten, don’t toss them. Just use them in your arrangement. 

4. Fill the rolls with decorative or useful items. Then  enjoy! Here are a few things I think would work:

assorted paper dinner napkins

storage for tall screwdrivers

a place for foam and bristle paint brushes

artificial flowers and greenery

How will you make something out of trash? I love your comments and questions. 



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